Austin Bonsai Society

October 2001

President’s Message


Candy Hansen

At the Board meeting in September, your board decided to honor the memory of all of the victims of the terrorist attack on our nation by seeking out an appropriate tree to be placed in The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit when it is ready. David Gordon will lead the search.

Since Hal Mahoney's visit to Texas was cancelled, I hope many of you came for our own special work-on-trees event. It seemed like a good idea to get together.

We have three special events in October in lieu of our usual meeting. On Saturday, Oct. 13, in the afternoon there will be a workshop with Marty Klajnowski of San Antonio. It is an opportunity to work with a recognized

Texas artist on one of your own trees. We will then enjoy a covered dish dinner catered by each all of us, and our evening program will be demonstration by Yvonne Padilla of Corpus Christi. She has a special touch with group plantings. Plan to come and see! More about each of these events is elsewhere in the newsletter - there are still openings at the workshop at last check.

The 4th Wednesday is on for October and we will have someone to lead the study group event. Come and share.

See you all soon!

Calendar of Events

Oct. 13
Monthly Meeting
This is a SATURDAY!!!!!
Zilker Garden Center
Noon to 4 PM Workshop with Marty Klajnowski
5 PM to 6 PM Dinner
Refreshments by: EVERYONE
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Lecture/Demo by Yvonne Padilla

Oct. 17 Board Meeting
7:00 PM
Zilker Garden Center

Oct. 24 Members Workshop
7:30 PM
Zilker Garden Center

Oct. 13-14 Houston Bon. Soc. Ann’l Show

Bonsai on Board: BCI 2001
Majesty of the Seas

Oct. 20-21
Ft. Worth Bonsai Annual Show

Oct. 20-21
Bonsai Soc. of Gr. Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Oh.

Oct. 26-28
Int’l Scholarly Symposium on Bonsai & Viewing Stones
U. S. National Arboretum
Washington, D.C.

Nov. 23-26 6th Asia Pacific Bonsai & Suiseki Convention
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

General Meeting Minutes


David Gordon

The September 2001 Monthly Meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order by President Candy Hansen on September 12, 2001, at 7:30 P.M.

The Minutes of the August 2001 were approved as written in the newsletter. A Treasurer's report was given by Pat Ware.

A moment of silence was observed to honor those who lost their lives in the recent terrorist tragedy.

President Candy mentioned that there are still openings for the Hal Mahoney Workshop to be presented on September 25, 2001.

The election committee is preparing a slate of officers for the coming year. The recommendations will be made at the next meeting.

Greg Setter brought the tree for the formal display.

Our main event for the evening was our annual fund raising auction. Don Rehberg, Greg Setter and Chuck Ware were the auctioneers.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.


There will be a new “wrinkle” to our meetings.

Please bring a tree that you may have a question on and would like someone to give you an answer between 7:00 and 7:30 PM. Whether you want help with a styling problem or an insect problem - whatever you want help with!

Board Meeting Minutes


David Gordon

The September board meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society as called to order by President Candy Hansen at 7:00 P.M. on September 19, 2001. Members in attendance were Candy Hansen, Pat Ware, Els Ulug, David Gordon, Gloria Norberg, Jim Baumann, Past President Alisan Clarke and Chuck Ware.

The auction we had at our regular meeting was discussed. A total of $1324 was earned for the club.

The ballot for the BCI Board of Directors was completed and will be sent to BCI.

It was mentioned that Herbfest 2001 will be Saturday, October 6, 2001, at the Garden Center.

The Austin Groups for the Elderly has requested a donation for their silent auction. Gloria made a motion which was passed by the board that we provide a one year membership to the Austin Bonsai Society for the auction.

The coffee cups for the party favors for the 30th Anniversary Christmas Party were discussed. We will purchase 100 cups which will have our club logo and 30th Year Anniversary printed on the cup.

The Hal Mahoney workshop and lecture demo has been canceled. We will have a study group with members bringing trees. Chuck Ware and others will lead a discussion group to provide suggestions for working on the trees.

Program dates for next year were discussed. Pat is currently working with the Garden Center and scheduling our meetings for next year.

The budget for next year was discussed. The board is currently in the process of finalizing a budget for the 2002 year. A revised proposed budget will be prepared, per discussions, for the next board meeting.

A club grow plot was discussed. This would be a plot of land that the club could use to plant trees for future bonsai Club workshop or Club demo material. Mike and Candy Hansen have agreed to provide a section of their property for a grow plot.

A tree to honor those who recently lost their lives in the recent terrorist tragedy was discussed. The tree would be placed in the permanent collection. We would like to find a spectacular tree and pay to have it styled by a prominent artist. A search committee was appointed. David Gordon will head the committee and Jim Baumann and Gloria Norberg will serve on the committee.

The Christmas Card Invitation for the 30th year Christmas Party was discussed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M.


The following new members are eligible for a special free workshop that will be at the November meeting. Please contact Gloria Norberg or Pat Ware if you will be attending - we need to be sure we have trees for everyone.

  • Tim Arnold
  • David Cmerek
  • Mike Grafa
  • Janice Green
  • Tome Huston
  • Larry King
  • Glenda Komopka
  • John Laurie
  • Darla Murray
  • Maury McCoy
  • Pat & Fred Neff
  • Carl & Noreen Quisenberry
  • Richard & Terry Roth

The November meeting will be divided and this is the club’s way of saying “thank you” for continuing your membership with us, and hope you will be with us for many years to come.

Don’t forget to give all your volunteer hours to Don Rehberg


A Butterfly
On Swaying Grass
That’s All, But Exquisite!


Have you checked this out?????

This is THE artist’s rendering of what the Texas Bonsai Exhibit will look like when it is completed. THE artist is, of course, Alisan Clarke. This beautiful painting is at the site so everyone can enjoy it. Check it out!!!!


Marty has been doing bonsai for over 30 years, maintains a personal collection and has exhibited her trees around the USA. She was selected as an Outstanding American Bonsai Artist and exhibited one of her trees in the National Bonsai Foundation Show. She has served on the Board of Directors of Bonsai Clubs International, has been Treasurer of LSBF for eight years, has been President of SABS twice and once as Vice Pres., and has been chairperson of one national and two state bonsai conventions. She will be the Exhibit chairperson for the upcoming 2002 joint ABS/SABS convention. She has written and published a bonsai workbook "THE ABC'S OF BONSAI AND SOME XYZ'S TOO". In addition, she was editor and principal writer of "BONSAI TREE CARE", a compendium of some 65 trees published by SABS. Currently, she is teaching bonsai classes in the North East Independent School District, San Antonio. An artist, lecturer, teacher, Marty travels nationally to do bonsai lecture/demonstrations; and last, but not least, a Texas A& M Master Gardener. She has been the recipient of the Master Gardener Education Award of the year.

Sign up today to take a workshop with this excellent teacher - $30.00 and bring your own tree! A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon from Noon to 4 PM on October 13, 2001!!! Send your check to our treasurer, made out to ABS, at 12404 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, Tx. 78676.


As a member of a Garden Club for thirty-five years, Yvonne studied horticulture and floral design. As time went by her interest turned to horticulture. She grew a few bromeliads, cactus and other assorted plants and still does; but in 1980 a friend invited her to a meeting of the Corpus Christi Bonsai Club, she joined that night. She knew immediately bonsai was the hobby for her. At that time, the Corpus Christi Club could not afford out of town bonsai speakers and many times she drove to San Antonio, Austin and Houston to attend lecture-demos and take workshops with such notables as John Naka, Bill Valavanis, Roy Nagatoshi and many others. Through the years, her interest settled on South Texas native trees, Saikei and tropicals. She has conducted lecture-demos and workshops for several bonsai clubs in Texas; and has shared her knowledge with youth groups, Master Gardeners and other organizations.

Yvonne has been an active member of the Corpus Christi Bonsai Club for twenty years and served as President and Vice-President, chairperson of three State Conventions and has been active in the Lone Star Bonsai Federation serving as Secretary, Vice-President, President and Club Delegate.

She is looking forward to visiting with the Austin Bonsai Society members and conducting a Lecture-demo on Saikei with fukien tea - which will be raffled at the end of her program.

Don’t forget!

Bring a covered dish to the October 13th meeting - the club will supply the meat and drinks Arrive at 5 PM and, hopefully, we will eat by 5:30 PM. Then a fabulous fukien tea saikei demonstration by Yvonne Padilla, which will be raffled.

Come and Enjoy!

Chlorine, the Little-Known Plant Nutrient

Of course we’re all aware that many things we consume, even pure water, can be toxic when consumed in large enough quantities. We are not going to speak on the health aspects of consuming the small amounts of chlorine salts in our drinking water.

On the other hand, plant cytologists now recognize nine major nutrient elements and eight micronutrients as being necessary for the growth and maturation of all plants. In addition, there are six other minor nutrients that are essential for some plants but apparently aren’t necessary for others.

Of the eight essential micronutrients, the only one needed in greater quantities that chlorine is iron. Boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc are all used in lesser quantities by most plants.

Interestingly enough, the chief source of soilborne chlorine is the salt dust picked up from ocean beaches and carried in the atmosphere until precipitated with rain and snow. An average of about 1/2 pound is dumped on your garden in this manner. That, plus what is added with any mineral fertilizers and city water, provides adequate chlorine for your plants.

Of course, outdoor container plants must depend on city water for most of their chlorine and indoor plants are entirely dependent on this source. So anyone who thinks they’re helping their container plants by eliminating city water and using only filtered or bottled water is sadly mistaken. They’re simply wasting time and money while depriving their plant of this important element.

Editor’s note: As bonsai are container plants, this seemed quite relevant. This was taken, in part, from the Austin Gardener by the Men’s Garden Club of Austin and The Green Thumb, June 1998

Origami Cranes & Bonsai Wire Peace Tree Project

This project, an international peace crane project in memory of the victims from New York & DC terrorist attacks, is proposed by Geoline Havener who was commissioned to write an origami book The paper crane has become a symbol of peace in Japan. At Hiroshima’s Peace Park, there is a shrine to a little “hibakusha” girl named Sadako who died of leukemia as she folded cranes in her hospital room. The gathering of small paper cranes from all over the world will be worked into a wire tree display. While not bonsai because the tree will be sculpted of wire and paper cranes, the peace tree will be weeping bonsai styled using the cranes as leaves or flowers such as in a weeping willow or wisteria. This would be closer to BONKEI (aka: “no maintenance” saikei or penjing landscape) and will be on a high fired bonsai slab to anchor the peace tree to.

For those of you who know how to fold the paper crane, she would greatly appreciate donations of small paper cranes folded from 3 inch (7.6 centimeters) squares. The peace tree display will be included in the book she is writing and donated to either an origami museum, NY or DC City Halls or one other memorials that will eventually arise. Email her if you can fold cranes at: Also, if you wish to learn how to fold cranes go to this web site and learn, as I did:

She asks: Please initial and include the state or country you are from on the top of a wing for each of your cranes as I want people who see the tree to see where the cranes have flown in from to join in unity. I am placing a 1 month deadline on receiving the cranes (late October 2001), but the sooner I get them, the sooner I can start.

Editor’s note: I received email in regards to the above and am publishing the information in case anyone in our club would like to participate in this endeavor.

The Austin Bonsai Society board members have been discussing a possibility of a memorial that we can do - Further news will be forthcoming!

Zilker Botanical Garden Happenings

You may purchase a brick inscribed with your name and message or dedicated to someone you cherish and it will be placed in the Zilker Botanical Garden's Walk of Friends. This pathway will start near the Garden Center and will extend throughout the gardens. A 4x8 brick is $100. and larger sizes are available at appropriate costs.

The Hartman Prehistoric Garden will be formally opened in November Did you catch “the dinosaur” going through Austin? They can use help, if you want to volunteer.

A new group has been formed -- Garden Greeters - whose purpose is to greet people who visit the Garden Center. They will assist in answering the phone, greeting visitors, helping in the gift shop, etc. Please consider volunteering a few hours a month to help.