Austin Bonsai Society
Austin Bonsai Society

Calendar of Events

Club Meetings occur on the Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Club Workshop Meetings occur on the Third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Club Board Meetings occur on the Third Tuesday of each month and are open to any who would like to come.  Held in the Zilker Library at 7:00 p.m.

Zilker Botanical Garden Center

2220 Barton Springs Rd.
Austin, Texas




            Wed 12* Nebari Development: Ebihara Technique

            Tue 18* Board Meeting



Wed 9* Trunk Chopping – Scott Barboza, Houston

Tue  15* Board Meeting

Sat   19** Trident Maple Dig at MBP Bonsai



            Sat    5  Club Repotting at Elaines**

            Sun     6  Club Dig at Eustace, TX**

Wed  9* Initial Juniper Design – Bjorn Bjorholm, Eisei-en

            Tue  15* Board Meeting



Wed 13  Meet & Greet at Zilker; Bring Trees!

It’s been two years since we have met in person! Let’s meet and eat, and greet member’s trees. Members, bring one or two trees for discussion.                                           

          Tue 19* Board Meeting



Tue 10** BYOT Carving Workshop – Will Baddeley,

     Wildwood Bonsai

Wed 11** Deadwood Sculpture – Will Baddeley                       

            Tue 17*  Board Meeting

            Sat-Sun 21-22 Formal Show at Zilker; set up on Friday



Wed 8 No meeting, see Wed June 22 below                

Tue 21*    Board Meeting

             Wed 22** Shohin Juniper - Mike Lane

            Thu 23** Workshop TBD - Mike Lane



Wed 13   Native Elms - Evan Pardue, Underhill Bonsai                         

            Thu 14** Workshop – Evan Pardue                

            Tue  19* Board Meeting



Wed 10    Scroll selection with Bonsai display – Alisan Clark

Sat 13**   Workshop

Tue 16*   Board Meeting



Wed 14** Making Bonsai Containers - Isabel Glatthorn

       Local Ceramicist of Soul Matter Studios

Sat  17** Annual Club Auction, Anderson Mill Garden Ctr

Tue 20* Board Meeting

Sat  24** Workshop on Making Containers - Isabel Glatthorn



            Mon 10* Workshop - Pedro Morales, the LSBF touring artist

Tue 11** Topic TBD – Pedro Morales

            Tue 18* Board Meeting




            Tue 15*  Board Meeting



                             No Meetings – Happy Holidays!


                                           JANUARY 2023

            Wed 11** Topic TBD – Brandon Baldauf

            Tue 17*  Board Meeting

**Watch the SLACK announcements channel for details on location and time



Please refer to the newsletter and official email communications regarding latest meeting details and updates.